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Workout Plan

Ultimate Female Online

5 Zoom Classes + Weekly Nutrition Plan + £500 prize money
Transformation based plan 50 spaces available starts 1st June 2020

Programme Details

Duration: 4 Weeks
Workouts Per Week: 4 per week
Workout Duration: 30 Mins
Zoom Classes LIVE 11 per week
Price: £40.00

About This Plan

The return of Ultimate Female in an online only format, are you up for a chance of becoming our next Ultimate Female?

Nutrition Advice

We will answer questions related to nutrition via our Facebook group.

NEW workouts weekly

You will get access to 4 NEW workouts EVERY week.

Exercise Database

Over 130 exercises with a demonstration & more been added every week.

24/7 guidance

Via email or facebook chat just send us a question and we will get back to you with the answers.

Online Weigh-in

Each member will have to attend an online video weigh-in

£500 Cash Prize

Best transformation wins.

Workout Schedule

Please plan your workout schedule to suit you. You need to complete all 5 workouts each week.
A class timetable will be published on Facebook with dates and time for your virtual classes.

Members Only Facebook Support Group

Click the image below and request to join our private Facebook group. This is the place to be for all the latest news info and support.

Maximise your results

Our training programs, exercise guides & nutrition plans are all provided via your online account to help you achieve maximum results.

Nutrition Plans

 Macro Specific / Recipe Ideas

These nutrition plans have been engineered to help you build muscle and burn fat for the full 6 weeks. You’ll also get a detailed meal plan with exact measurements and some delicious recipe ideas, who said dieting had to be boring.

Detailed Training Plans

Number of Rep / Tempo / Method

Our training plans have been broken down into 3 categories upper body, legs & fitness. We have designed our workouts to target each and every muscle group whilst keeping your heart rate high enough to put you in your fat burning zone. You will receive 3 new workouts each week.

Sample Meal

All our meals will be laid out in an easy to understand format with detailed preparation instructions.
Meal 1
Meal 1
(Image for illustration purpose only)
Use the ingredients below to make an omelette, scrambled or poached eggs.
Whole Eggs2 Medium
Egg Whites1
Feta Cheese20g
Spinach1 Cup
ChilliHalf Tablespoon
Meal 1
(Image for illustration purpose only)

Ultimate Female Online