Shred’s Tuna steak & soy fried veggies

05 Oct

Quick & easy to make just follow these steps

  1. Spray your frying pan with fry light and heat up for 2 minutes
  2. Throw in your green veggies and cook for 6 mins, keep tossing them
  3. Place in your Tuna steak and cook on each side for 4 minutes
  4. Whilst its cooking add your soy sauce to the vegetables
  5. Serve up & enjoy

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 12mins

05 Oct

Quick simple effective meal all made in a frying pan

  1. pre heat your pan using fry light
  2. whilst your pan is heating up coat your cod in the Cajun spices
  3. Add to the pan your asparagus & cook for 5 mins
  4. Place your cod in the pan & cook for 5mins each side
  5. Slice your avocado up and add fresh chilli and lemon juice
  6. Serve up your meal with hot sauce
02 Oct


  1. Grill your chicken for 15 mins (season with Cajun spices)
  2. Prep your salad
  3. Mix the chicken and salad together with hot sauce or a light dressing
  4. Top with your cashew nuts
  5. Serve up and enjoy

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 15 mins

02 Oct



  1. Cook the steak first in a pan using frying light
  2. Then cut into strips before adding into the salad
  3. Either grill or pan fry the halloumi until brown.
  4. Use a light salad dressing or light vinaigrette to salad

Prep time: 2 mins

Cook time: 10mins

30 Sep

Tasty vegan shred salad and simple to make follow these steps

  1. Prep your avocado and add to a bowl
  2. Using a folk mash it up with garlic oil and lemon
  3. Set to one side and prep your mixed leaf salad using more oil and fresh lemon
  4. Add in your Cannellini beans and mix together
  5. Then serve up with your avocado on top

You could trying slicing your avocado instead of mashed

Prep time: 5 mins

30 Sep

Easy to make and tastes great

  1. Simply peel your potatoes and boil them up until soften
  2. . Leave to one side to let them cool down
  3. Meanwhile boil up your quinoa and set this to the side
  4. Mix up your mixed leaf salad, peppers and spinach with a hot sauce or light mayo
  5. Then add in your sweet potato, quinoa and Tofu. (we use the microwave packets of tofu for quickness)
  6. Serve up and enjoy

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time:20 mins

29 Sep

Very simple effective tasty high protein lunch

Simply mix all your salad up and sliced avocado with some hot sauce or light mayo, then serve it with your smoked salmon

Prep time: 5 mins

25 Sep

Superb breakfast choice very easy to make

  1. Empty your yogurt in to a bowl
  2. Mix in your whey powder
  3. Prep your berries and layer them on top or mix them in
  4. Add your cashew nuts in and give them a good mix
  5. Enjoy

Prep time: 3 to 5 mins