Shred’s Chicken Jambalaya

25 Mar
  1. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a frying pan with a lid and cook the chicken for 5-8 mins until golden.

  2. Remove and set aside. Tip in the diced onion and cook for 3-4 mins until soft.

  3. Add 1 thinly sliced red pepper, 2 crushed garlic cloves and 1 tbsp Cajun seasoning, and cook for 5 mins more.

  4. Stir the chicken back in with the long grain rice, add the tinned tomatoes and 300ml chicken stock. Cover and simmer for 20-25 mins until the rice is tender.

16 Mar

Fry up all the veg with coconut oil on a high heat for 10 mins

Boil the pasta then add to a pan with the passata and spices, cook through for 5 mins, stiring into the vegetables

Serve with the cheese on top, enjoy!

16 Mar
  1. Heat the oil in a wok or large frying pan. Add the green curry paste and sugar and cook over a fairly high heat for about a minute. Reduce the heat slightly and stir in the chicken pieces and lime leaves or zest until coated in the paste. Add the coconut milk, soy sauce and bring to a simmer, cooking for 25–30 minutes until thickened slightly. Stir in the coriander and lime juice. Check for seasoning, adding more soy sauce if needed.

  2. The curry is now best left to sit for a few minutes so the sauce becomes creamier. You will also taste the true flavours of the curry paste ingredients when it’s slightly cooler. Serve with white basmati or jasmine rice.

16 Mar
  1. Gently heat the maple syrup and blueberries in a saucepan until the berries start to release their juices, then set them to one side in the pan. Whisk the flour, almonds, cinnamon, milk and vanilla together in a bowl.
  2.  Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Dip a slice of bread into the milk mixture, shake off any excess and fry the bread on both sides until it browns and crisps. Keep the slices warm in a low oven as you cook the rest. Serve with the blueberries.

Serve with the sliced banana and drizzle with a little more maple syrup

15 Mar
  1. Add the spaghetti to a pan of boiling water and cook to what the instructions on the pack state
  2. In a frying pan cook the vegetables with chilli and garlic for 5 mins (use fry light)
  3. Then add in the salmon and cook for 5 to 7 mins on each side (longer if you want to crisp up the skin)
  4. Once the salmon is cook leave to one side on a plate
  5. Add the pasta to the frying pan with the vegetables, add in the tomatoes And king prawns
  6. Cook for a further 5 mins
  7. Serve up with the salmon, enjoy!
15 Mar
  • STEP 1

    Put the curry powder into a large pan,  then toast over a medium heat for 2 mins. Add the olive oil, stirring as the spice sizzles in the pan. Tip in the onions, apple, garlic, coriander stalks and ginger, season, then gently cook for 5 mins, stirring occasionally.

  • STEP 2
  •  Peel, then grate the sweet potatoes. Tip into the pan with the stock, lentils, milk and seasoning, then simmer, covered, for 20 mins. Blend until smooth using a stick blender. Stir in the lime juice, check the seasoning and serve, topped with coriander leaves.
15 Mar


  1. Boil your eggs for 8 mins (hard boiled)
  2. Leave to one side to cool down
  3. Mix up your salad with light mayo and your cashew nuts
  4. Peel and slice up your eggs
  5. Add them to the salad
  6. Serve up


15 Mar

Tasty chicken salad shred style

  1. Cut your chicken in to strips and cook in a frying pan using fry light  for 10 mins
  2. Set to one side and the prep your salad and avocado
  3. Then add your chicken to the salad
  4. Serve up with a light salad dressing or balsamic and enjoy
01 Dec
  • STEP 1

    Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Toss the aubergines in a roasting tin with 2 tbsp olive oil, season well and spread out. Roast for 20 mins or until soft and crisp

  • STEP 2

    Heat the remaining oil in an ovenproof pan and cook the onions over a medium heat for 5-6 mins until softening. Stir in the garlic and spices, for a few mins for full flavour.

  • STEP 3

    Tip in the tomatoes, coconut milk and roasted aubergines, and bring to a simmer. Simmer for 20-25 mins, removing the lid for the final 5 mins to thicken the sauce. Add a little seasoning if you like, salt and pepper. Stir through most of the coriander. Serve over rice, scattering with the remaining coriander.

01 Dec

Very easy meal to make & tastes delightful, you can either mash or oven cook the potatoes.

  1. Cut your potato into wedges and oven cook for 40mins
  2. Fry your sausages in a pan for 15 mins or until cooked
  3. Once cooked add in some chicken stock with 300ml o water and leave to simmer for 10mins (you can even add some onion at this point for more flavour)
  4. Serve up with your vegetables
11 Nov

Very simple effective tasty high protein lunch.

Simply mix all your salad up and sliced avocado with some hot sauce or light mayo, then serve it with your smoked salmon.