Ultimate Shred 13 / Workout Plan

Getting Started

Frequently asked questions about getting started

Do I need a Gym Membership to follow this plan?

A Gym membership is not essential as we have an exercise database where you can find many exercise alternatives if you don’t have the exact equipment. However, we would definitely recommend you take a membership out to make things easier.

What if I need help while I'm in the Gym?

Most gyms will have a qualified trainer who can explain how to use equipment if you are unsure, just ask them for help alternatively you can book a PT session with one of our personal trainers for further assistance. Visit our Personal Trainer Profile Page to find out more.

Which gym do you reccomend I join?

Join the Ultimate Shred Gym (Coming Soon!)


Frequently asked questions about being a member of the Gym

How long do I get access to this plan?

You get access to the plan fo 10 weeks.

Does this plan include access to a Gym for the duration?

No gym access is included.

Can I freeze my membership?

If you would like to freeze membership please contact us by email with a valid reason and we will place your account on hold. Send you email to info@ultimateshred.co.uk

Can I get a student discount?

No, we don’t offer any discounts for specific groups of people, however, we have regular promotions so please check our facebook page for the latest offers.


Frequently asked questions about nutrition

What can I drink during the plan?

Water, sugar-free (Including diet pop) drinks, black tea, black coffee, green tea.

Is alcohol allowed?

We would recommend that you consume no alcohol at all for the duration of the plan.

Can I change the order of meals eg have meal 4 for breakfast?

Yes, feel free to eat the meals in any order.


Frequently asked questions about training plans

What should I do if I dont have access to the Gym equipment needed for an exercise?

Please check our exercise page for an alternative exercise that works the same muscle group.

Can I get personal training sessions?

Please contact us via Facebook chat or send an email to info@ultimateshred.co.uk and we will be happy to book you in with an instructor.

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