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Looking to get Shredded? Time to get in shape?

This plan has been tailor made to get you in the best shape of your life, We’ve got everything covered.

With your purchase you will receive:
Tailored diet plan with weekly updates. Competition style preparation to guarantee amazing results. (Usually £50)

3 NEW workouts released EVERY week! Over 200 exercises! Online demonstration of each exercise on your own private account! (Usually £50)

24/7 guidance! via email just send us a question and we will get back to you with the answers.

Access to members only area where you can find your nutrition & workout plans online anytime.

Simply select your body weight from the drop down list and receive a customised programme to suit you body weight.

Not Sure what you weigh in Kilograms look it up on our weight conversion table below.



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Select Your Weight.

45KG to 50KG, 50KG to 55KG, 55KG to 60KG, 60KG to 65KG, 65KG to 70KG, 70KG to 75KG, 75KG to 80KG, 80KG TO 85KG, 85KG+


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Weight Conversion Table

Kilograms Stones/lbs lbs/oz
50KG - 55KG 7st.12lbs - 8st.6lbs 110LBS - 121LBS
55KG - 60KG 8st.7lbs - 9st.4lbs 122LBS - 132LBS
60KG - 65KG 9st.5lbs - 10st.2lbs 133LBS - 143LBS
65KG - 70KG 10st.3lbs - 11st.0lbs 144LBS - 154LBS
70KG - 75KG 11st.1lbs - 11st.8lbs 155LBS - 165LBS
75KG - 80KG 11st.9lbs - 12st.5lbs 166LBS - 176LBS
85KG + 13st.4lbs + 187lbs +