30 Jan

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23 Nov

Right ok everybody. I’ve heard some of you are struggling with diets when it comes to adding flavour to your food. So here is what I add to my food to make it more exciting.

Soy sauce
Franks red hot sauce
Nandos hot sauce
Chilli sauce
Light mayo
Warden farms zero calorie sauces
Dried spices (cinnamon, chicken rub etc)
Mixed vegetables

A typical meal I had today after I trained (squats today, 220kg x5 reps if your are interested ?)

150g chicken
8 egg whites
100g rice
Greens (asparagus & broccoli)
Teriyaki sauce
Fried all together in a none stick pan. (No oil used)

No picture as my presentation isn’t the best. But tastes great ??

Any questions comment below. I will answer soon as I can. Cheers

23 Oct

Hey everyone hope your diets are going well.
Just a little tip here for you: try drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea. This can help with hunger pains, speed up metabolism, increase fat loss, packed with antioxidants plus many more benefit factors.
Give it a try it really does help to beat hunger.

Anybody else with any more diet queries comment below

23 Oct

Hey everyone. So I am putting this post on to help you all out with your diets. Here I will list some alternatives for you all to change your diets up.

1.cottage cheese= (anybody need casein or whey protein, message Stuart Gem Smith
a. casein protein
b. 0% total fage yogurt. Add almonds

2. Chicken =
a. Turkey or turkey mince.
b. White fish (cod, haddock, basa fish etc)

3. Sweet potato= 200g serving is 40g carbs
a. White potato
b. Butternut squash & carrot mashed
c. Whole wheat noodles 100g serving is 62g carbs

4. Mix & match foods:
So to explain, today I took out my 500g of sweet potato on meal 4, which means I have dropped 100g carbs. So then it allowed me to add 100g carbs into another meal. So I chose to have 1 slice of wholemeal toast with my eggs & 80g porridge oats extra with my breakfast & 1 medium banana.

Any questions post below

14 Oct


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