Green Tea Fat Loss Challenge

Green Tea Fat Loss Challenge

Hey everyone hope your diets are going well.
Just a little tip here for you: try drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea. This can help with hunger pains, speed up metabolism, increase fat loss, packed with antioxidants plus many more benefit factors.
Give it a try it really does help to beat hunger.

Anybody else with any more diet queries comment below


  1. charlotte chelton Author June 3, 2017 (8:49 am)

    Is there anything you can add to green tea to make it taste a bit nicer?

    • David Dunnington Author June 3, 2017 (12:00 pm)

      Jordan has said you can buy flavoured green tea so give that a go.

    • Rob Wright Author June 3, 2017 (6:50 pm)

      The Tetley range “immune system” “vit c” “energy” all those ones/flavours etc are pretty Lush

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