Diet Alternatives Fat Loss Challenge

Diet Alternatives Fat Loss Challenge

Hey everyone. So I am putting this post on to help you all out with your diets. Here I will list some alternatives for you all to change your diets up.

1.cottage cheese= (anybody need casein or whey protein, message Stuart Gem Smith
a. casein protein
b. 0% total fage yogurt. Add almonds

2. Chicken =
a. Turkey or turkey mince.
b. White fish (cod, haddock, basa fish etc)

3. Sweet potato= 200g serving is 40g carbs
a. White potato
b. Butternut squash & carrot mashed
c. Whole wheat noodles 100g serving is 62g carbs

4. Mix & match foods:
So to explain, today I took out my 500g of sweet potato on meal 4, which means I have dropped 100g carbs. So then it allowed me to add 100g carbs into another meal. So I chose to have 1 slice of wholemeal toast with my eggs & 80g porridge oats extra with my breakfast & 1 medium banana.

Any questions post below

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